Tuesday, 5 June 2012

the abused - loud and clear 7 inch new york 1983

moving back a few years from the last post but staying in the same toon. this is one of the biggies for the fine citizens of the world that collect hardcore 7 inchs. its not one of the biggest prices around but it goes from between $250 and $500......madly good early (for new york) hardcore from the spunkstain of the east coast. with a hint of the old straight edge too to keep you chuckling as you listen. you didnt get many early nyhc bands that proclaimed to worship the straight line, so this is a bit of an oddity in that...... to be honest id love to get ma hands on this record one day or even see it in real life. having it would probably make my leg better and stop my hair going grey. but alas, my gangster limp will continue til that sordid day shines.......theres strange metal overtones on here that appear at the 'usual' moments, which to be honest sound kinda odd, but it doesnt really disturb the quality of this annoyed as fuck hardcore. them and agnostic front, at say a7, around this time period would have been a delight that would have been too good to be able to describe in descripitve words. after picking yourself up you probably be too stunned to speak for a while.....anyways day dream over and i still dont have it and ma legs still louping..!!! drug free youth...xxx...!!!
the abused - single, sleeves and pics

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