Friday, 29 June 2012

swindled - who wants guns? 7 inch canada 1982

this is a mad redord. when you see the cover, you think its gonna be some kinda mad canadian crass type band. then you hear it and of course it sounds fuck all like crass. instead its under produced as billy-o infectious jittery punk rock that makes you wanna get up and jump around and sing along...not that crass doesnt make me wanna do that as well, they do....just this is a change to me jumpin about shouting 'bloody revolutions'. a wee change......anyways.....i know absolutely hee-haw about them apart from these two songs, which seems to be all they ever released on vinyl. as it is so many times with punk singles and bands....less is most definetly more. they came from some wee town in canada, hence the mad gear they wear and the facial fungus id guess, and you can kinda tell. thank god i say. canada had a fucking amazing punk scene. much like the australian one, where rock and or roll seemed to be a big point. stolen from detroit, of course, but it was still a point both these lands wanted to make. my hat tips to you boys and girls. well done......they seem to be back together again as do all these kinda bands now-a-days. for that. i will untip my hat, and get my jacket..........two fucking amazing political(?) punk and roll gems here. oh can-ah-fuckin-duh...!!!

swindled - single, sleeves and pics

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