Thursday, 21 June 2012

1st offence - night the punks turned ugly 7 inch livingston 1983

heres a wee belter of a rarity for yeez......well...that is if you dont come from the LOWlands of central scotland. where yir holes yir hole and yir face gets a hole punched right thru it, if your lucky.....anyone from this area will of course have found it in some charity shop for tuppence happeny. as nearly all punks from this time span and this area are now dead or might as well fucking be......basically its a bunch of thugs from a gang called the 'livi punks', of course from livingston in west midlothian scotland, harping oot a few wee belters about fighting with the police. who had the audacity to try and get one of their (in)famous parties stopped...wonder if they thought their actions would end up as a future rare as fuck punk gem sought after by collectors around the world......its basically cheap and nasty as two arseholes punk rock from wee town britain, made by guys that cant really play and havent a clue what theyre doing.....and thats why we love it. its a slice of history you could say. the americans had the huntingdon beach lard asses or the new york bowery right wing dog wankers.....we had the livi punks. its what happend to the uk 80s punk scene when it got filtered down to the smallest inbreeding areas of no-mans land. guys that truely couldnt give a fuck and stood by the laws that anarchy punk told them (not crass...more exploited). you wouldnt mess with them basically and when they came to shows there was always something gonna happen. them and the skroteez and barbed wire and some others were the bands that came from there. livingston for some reason produced loads of bands. it seemed everyone there at this time was a punk, even in my time in the later 80s. at the start of the 80s, livingston had about 25,000 people in it, but had about a dozen on the go playing and recording punk bands. quite amazing to be honest, as the rest of britain had new romantics, casuals, rude boys, new wave wankers and a whole host of other pure shite to contest the dying out punk scene with. the livi boys held on strong, and i do believe there is still a bit of a punk scene there today still. a bit like a scottish umeå really, just with a bit more drugs, glue, fighting, meat eating, fighting, deaths, glue, stabbings, drugs and death involved. i met a few of them over the years, some are in the pics i posted, and i must say i always got on with them. even though i came from a contending punk town in the same area. always remember one of them had 'kick to kill' tattooed on his forearm and he never really spoke, just stared. my god, i stayed away from him, so i did. anyways, think a crappy exploited, but in some ways ten times better. it dont get much better for punk rock there ma chinas..!!

1st offence - single, sleeves and pics


  1. My old band The Aborted where asked to record a single for this label [ would have been the second record on CHAOS ] but due to bad sales of this record we only got to the recording stage.I belive it sold very few copies.

  2. i could imagine that. in some ways its pretty awful this record. it just has a certain naive charm to it. the fold out sleeve is excellent though. its awful but fucking magic. still, its better than the johnny and the self abusers single.

  3. Haha Livi Sk8r capital of Scotland !

  4. and that fucking drummer the football team has. shoot the drummer first...!!!