Sunday, 3 June 2012

together compilation 7 inch new york 1987

heres the biscuits str8 from the tin of youth. thee fucking hardcore new york hardcore compilation. jump around the house madness at its best. index finger pointing magic on plastic. and any other excited statement you can think of. its here..its 7 inch and its straaaaight in your eye.........i got a copy of this a year or so ago, orange vinyl toooo....after wanting it for years. so much actually i had a dream about finding it in a charity shop along with s.o.a's 7 inch on green vinyl (which i too now have....but not on green vinyl). it was quite cheap too for what ive seen it go for ($350+) but i still wont say what i paid for it, as its silly, but......i was overjoyed, and ever so disappointed as the quality is comparison to the equally magical 'the way it is' lp compilation. which ive played the fuck out of, smashed houses up, set houses on fire (mine), jump down stairs, jumped off wardrobes, jumped on people, been jumped on, been probably knocked out and a whole host of other teenage nonsense too since i was a fucking teenager back in orinoco. but.....i still felt proud, royal even that i now own this record and in prince william III of orange vinyl. god bless the pope. ulster says yes. no surrender...!!!

together comp - single, sleeves and pics