Tuesday, 15 January 2013

the drones - bone idol 7 inch manchester 1977

Right, ive noticed theres a few errors happening with the download links im posting. god knows what it is (cough). so im going back to the old way of doing it this time. just click on it and download and i hope it works. youll get all the pics as well. if your having problems with the new way i was putting them up (cough cough), then just right click on the link and save as....etc..........anyway....pish over. heres a nugget from the vault of vinyl. 1977 punk classic. its really called ' just want to be myself ' , but that side aint as good and im sure most people remember this for ' bone idol '. another manchester classic. they seemed to produce a plethora of magnificence back in the day......and then we got oasis. dear dear..!

the drones - bone idol songs and pics

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