Tuesday, 15 January 2013

black sabbath - the wizard 7 inch french press 1970

the coolest band ever? well, they were until they went completly shite anyways.... fancy french press. vertigo records. different tunes to the more normal paranoid/the wizard or evil woman/wicked world 7ners that were kicking about at this time. a mixture of both. aye.! am tellin yous, the wizard is sooo cool my 5 year old daughter is dancin to it, right now. and she knows a tune. ozzys mad, tonis got nae fingers, the other two have got moustaches. that mishap besides. what could be better? mibbee a 7 inch wae the tune black sabbath on the a-side and cornucopia on the b-side? mibbees fuckin aye. n that no...!!!

black sabbath - single and pics

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