Thursday, 24 February 2011

the clash - complete control 7 inch london 1977

here we have it. the first clash post on 'my' blog. fucking love the clash, so i do. especially the early records. keep hearing from people about how all the 'later' records are the best. when they came to musical 'adulthood'. total and utter bollocks. pretentious shite. the best clash, was the early clash. when they were 'younger'. raw and angry. the amount of adrenalin in these early recordings is just ferocious. they marked the stick, stuck it in the ground and let any comers come and challenge it. fuck the sex pistols, they were a shite joke band. the clash was where it was at. ok, we know now, how it was all in joes 'middle-class' imagination and how we all jumped on their band wagon and listened to every words like it was gospel. at the time though, woh woh woh. the clash was where it was at. they were THE british punk band of the 70s that everyone who loved this kinda music loved and looked up to. if you deny this, then your full of shite. i think i know every single word to that first lp. dont even need to hear the music to be able to sing it, i know it that well.....then i grew up, realised they were a bunch of fake posers and didnt really mean anything they stood for. jesus, im still sad to think that what ive just said is actually true. wish it wasnt, but it is. joe lied about his background and put on his london working class accent. paul was just a poser and the less said about mick the best. topper though, he was the boy. karate kicking young thug. shame he got hooked on the old smack attack. just probably couldnt handle being around three wannabes from a fashion parade and stuck in front of a camera for the rest of his life......anyways. forget all this hindsight knowledge. think 1977. think that youve just heard the clash for the first time and that revolution is imminent. just keep this in mind and enjoy like there is no tommorrow....because there is. shame.!

the clash - single sleeves and pics

porno patrol - jump back 7 inch berlin 1983

sorry for the lack of posts rescently. ive been having an 'artistic block'. anyways......
second wee trip down the memory gusset of germany here. they aint as famous for their punk rock as they are for losing wars and sausages, but here is a big reminder that they can actually accomplish something worthwhile. other than sausages. first heard this song, as many of you probably have, on the famous 'peace' comp double lp with the maximum rocknroll like fanzine that came with it. so i thought why not buy the blighter as you can get it cheap as click on the old ebayster. so i did. was hoping for something totally wonderful, but.....alas. one fuckin tremendous stonker of a track and the rest just fillers. 'jump back'...thats the baby here. pure euro hardcore 80s style at its blithering finest. if you wanna actually get this song on the old vinyl-ma-dong. skip this and go for the 'peace' comp instead. as you get a whole wheen of mid 80s world hardcore to do yourself in over, instead of this. if your a total prick like myself and want everything. go on egay and get this nipple erector for about $10. i did. its a nice wee item to have and has one of the best euro 80s track on it. so its gotta be worth it. during the summers here in sweden, i build stages with germans. contrary to popular belief. they are actually quite nice people and can actually take a joke. anyway, basil fawlty..!!

porno patrol - single sleeves and pics