Wednesday, 9 February 2011

rich kids on lsd - its a beautiful feeling 7 inch california 1984

full steam ahead, peddle to the kettle, thrash hardcore. the way us mad bams love it. i believe this to be first release, could be wrong there, cause i cant be arsed looking it up. anyways, if it is or isnt, its still a fabulous wee bit of plastic. you get seven belters here for your money, or in your cases your downloading time. cant think much else to say about them apart from about four out of five of them are now dead from drug addiction and/or suicide. that is some going. really obnoxious sounding south californian hardcore (nardcore, as it was called) at its finest. wee bit of a cross-over touch as well. had many a great night in bed sits around glasgow smashing things up to the sounds of this band. '' dirty needles, give me a disease. yellow eyes, yellow skin. my liver bleeds. '' if only they had listened to themselves. damn shame.!

rkl - single sleeves and pics

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