Saturday, 12 February 2011

restless - edge on you 7 inch england 1983

right. you had the tattooed masses wae the big quiffffs. beer bellies and machismo. attitudes and arseholes. then you had restless. all nice looking and doing the 'nice' songs. cute boys wae the smiles and doing covers of the 'trad' rockabillies of a by-gone-year. lookin good and gettin the girls, nae poofs mind, even though they looked like poofs. pygamas and double bass. greased blonde quiff and a tempting smile. sweet as yir aged aunt. wellllll.....that wis restless. they werent the toughest band to like, but everyone liked them. why is that.? its cause they were fuckin brilliant. poofy modern rockabilly, but wae an edge that was just too good tae hide from. while we were all shaving the sides of our heads and punching anyone that got in our ways, or even like myself (as i was tooooo young) just standing about at the sides, still wae a perfect quiff and the latest 'post-modern' meteors t-shirt. teenage belly flappin and lager-tops shakin moody mood shakin psycho disco phantasm ecstasy. we all loved restless. we didnt want too, but we did. they looked queer but they sounded great. which is something that always raised a question in my mind. all these rocka psycho billies, they always act hard a fuck, but the music they (we, i , us ) listen too is soooo soft and ment for benders, but theyre all big sweaty fattie tuffies. never got that. maybe psychopathic people need a wee bit of charm sometimes. anyways.....restless provided it...and they did it with a huge fucking charm. mind actually getting told to leave my english class at school cause i had a 'restless' t-shirt on and i wouldnt zip up my leather jacket to cover it up.. told to stand in  the hallway cause of the poofiest psychobilly band about. i felt proud..!!

restless - single, sleeves and pics

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