Wednesday, 9 February 2011

anti-heros - thats right ! lp georgia 1987

some oi! oi! oi! american style now for the lot of yeez. top drawer it is too. probably the best oi! lp the wanks, sorry the yanks, have ever done. low and behold, they aint rascists either. just read that theyre taking the makers of 'american history x' to court in an attempt to sue them. as one of the main charachters, who happens to be a nazi skin, has an anti-heros tattoo and wears one of their t-shirts. hope they win, or won, and get every penny they deserve from these lazy minded film directors. who cant even be arsed looking to see what information is correct about the bands they abuse. hated that movie and all this does is make me hate it more. amercan bullshit x .! anywayssss.......fecking brilliant record here and what a start to it with the tune of tunes 'the anti-heros are here'. other top tunes on this are 'you cant kill the blues with a gun' ' the young loner' and 'hes a skin' (or as its called in the titles 'hes asking'). wish there was more punk that sounded like this. the sound on this record is excellent gravelly sounding brutal madness. theyve got the guitar sound on this down to a tee as well. cant hear a bad word about this record and im glad someone (wee geo) asked me to post it, as id somehow forgotten all about it. played it today for the first time in years and here yeez have it. if anyone else wants to remind me about old classics that have slipped my mind. then please feel free. no dire straits though..NO.!!

anti heros - lp sleeves and pics

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