Friday, 11 February 2011

the hard-ons - girl in the sweater 7 inch australia 1986

here we have another trip down the vomit of gusset and shrimps on the barbie doll. the hard-ons again. apart from 'radio birdman' they must be the best export this land has ever seen. puke, limp dicks and parental abuse aside. this band truely is a great band. a bit of punk, a bit of thrash, a bit of pop, a bit of guilt due to being part of the empire and not knowing really what their true culture is apart from stealing land of native people, a bit of long hair and bobs your uncle. yes, i know australia is britains fault and i should feel a slight bit of guilt about that. i dont. im scottish and i can get away with it by blaming the english. anyways.....the australian scene was amazing, apart from the spiders and snakes and accents and stupidity, i really wish that i lived there between 1976 and 1990. as it was a pure wonderful land for alternative rock and or roll. the hard ons combined humour, in a good way, with totally brilliant pop music blended with all the things ive just mentioned. the result being a fantastic band of great calibre. when i was a lad i loved this band. even hitch-hiking down to leeds on my own in about 1990 to see them play live, as they wouldnt play scotland. as my mates all were arriving by different means and i got there the quickest. i only had the band to talk too, and some lunatic tramp who was scottish, and as he told had lived in leeds since the late 60s. he had in fact walked there in an attempt to get to london to be closer to john lennon. he reached leeds and stopped put. totally understand why, as its a great place and even borders bradford, another great place. anyways...he walked me miles top a carry out (alcohol) shop as nowhere at the time in central leeds sold alcohol to take away and told me his story. eventually getting back to the club i started speaking to the band who were very friendly, especially the drummer ray, who gave me a t-shirt after hearing i had hitched all the way. when asking they even gave me another one for my sister. top class. great show and much drinking and even the band ignoring me (admitadly, i am (was) a bit over-bearing) as i pranced around and punked the night away. stories aside. this single is where they peeked, i feel, at commercialism and its even included in some dud film somewhere. who cares. think ramones mixed with motorhead and mc5 and your about right. all i wonder is now, after years of working with australians, is when and where did they use a ramp (personnal working joke) to either record or produce this baby. immortal..!!

hard-ons - single, sleeves and pics

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