Saturday, 5 February 2011

the fits - tears of a nation 7 inch blackpool 1983

the fits were pretty shit to be honest with you. this single here and another one are the exception to that rule though. 'tears of a nation' is a real slow tempo (for this time period in punk anyways) anthem of a song and the song 'bravado' on the b-side is a bit of a stormer as well. love the start to 'tears....'. them lyrics though, hah ah ah...'' and the dissapointment is starting to show.'' apart from that its an exceptionally good song. a guy i knew a little, was in fact my sisters friend, 'bill grumpy'. was the ''manager'' of the fits and thats how i kinda got into them. tried getting into them i maybe should have said. he was from coatbridge as well, the ajoining town to airdrie. both these towns are in an area formerly called monklands, now called north lanarkshire. which is in fact the buckfast tonic wine capital of the world. something like 85% of their sales goes to this district in scotland. pretty much says it all about that area. the problem is so bad that theyve tried to get the bottles made in plastic for just this area. as theyve stated that there is/was not a square inch of the whole of monklands that didnt have a piece of broken green glass in it from buckfast (''buckie'') bottles. anyways...the fits are blackpool in eggland. which is seriously gay. wallop..!!

fits - single sleeves and pics


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