Saturday, 5 February 2011

guana batz - s.t 7 inch england 1983

another single here from the mighty 'big beat' label. the guana batz first ever release. four great early uk psycho tunes, from what some people call 'the masters' of this genre. not me though. theyre not even a patch on 'the meteors' and you can hear quite a bit of meteors influence here as well as a few 50s tunes that spring to mind as well. they were great, just not the masters. anyways...this and their next single 'werewolf blues' and their first lp are pure gems of this genre and if your ever gonna check them out, check out these releases. they got completely shite as they went on and even done a 'poof springsteen' cover and released it by god. if it wasnt embarressing enough doing one of his songs, they went on and released it as well. 'im on fire' is the one. 'big beat' is a great british label from the early 80s with many many many great releases. so check them out more from this label if you ever get a chance but i bet most of you already have. ching-chong..!!

guana batz - single sleeves and pics

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