Tuesday, 1 February 2011

the specials - a message to you rudy 7 inch coventry 1979

right children. the first 2-tone 7 inch posted up here. the specials were great and i dont care what anyone says about them. absolutely tip-top brillant boogie. many people go on about how theyre embarressed about having liked them, but not me. remember starting high school in 1984, i know this was a few years after the 2-tone explosion, but im talking about airdrie (years behind anywhere, fuck sake, i bet still some kids are still going round 'the rich kids' house to use their internet-me-thingimy'). there was the skinheads, or airdries version of them, hanging about the central stair well. 'scoobie' and his mates wearing their 2-tone badges, for some reason next to 'sex pistols' badges. im still talking about airdrie here, your getting to understand. this has nothing really to do with anything other than a fun memory for me. to me anyways, the specials have held their heads high over the years and it still sounds slightly fresh. the other bands on that label, apart from a few songs, have kinda sunken away into the land of embarrasment - most of madness, the beat et al, but never the specials. they really were clean and they came from coventry. which kinda makes me proud of them as i grew up in a boring going nowhere shithole as well. anyways.....this is their proud rendition of 'dandy livingstones' classic 60s tune. i bet he had a tear running down his cheek when he heard this, if he was still alive. never really, maybe, knowing what a tune it was he had done and how 15 years later it would be leading the youths into the 80s. found out im gonna be working with them in september here in stockholm and to say im looking forward would be an understatement. my 13 year old son has started to dig all these kinda tunes, as well as a lot of 'trojan' stuff. to say im proud would be another total understatement. 'stop your messing about', baby..!!

the specials - single sleeves video and pics

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  1. Yaaassssss!.....good show Smenger!