Tuesday, 8 February 2011

dead boys - sonic reducer 7 inch ohio 1977

allright allright allright. here we have it. this really does have the best guitar intro/solo to a track ever. unfor-fucking-getable. wee stiv-man and his evil dead boys. is this really the most snotty nosed punk rock single ever from the most obnoxious irritating mother-fuckers that ever walked the planet.? yes baby, it is.! and arent we all proud to know every god-damned mother touching word. right everybody....after me...'' ah dont need anyone, dont need no mum n dad........'' these truely were the boys. stickin their fag butts out on the arses of groupies backstage, takin all the drugs in the world in one go, skinny cunts wae too tight clothes (well, apart fae ginger)...obnoxious obnoxious obnoxious. the way it had to be and were all still lovin em for it. ive even thrown in a video of the anthem. check out the clothes. download and dig. fools..!!

dead boys - single sleeves video and pics

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