Tuesday, 8 February 2011

the stingrays - on self destruct 7 inch london 1983

another early uk trash beauty. this time with the god-damned near perfect stingrays. a wee bit of the wild trash, a wee bit of the psychedelia and a wee bit of lunacy. all stuck in a tubble dryer and out pops the stingrays. great floppin yir body about down the front like a spastic gear. tunes for the mad at heart with a hat on. as ive said in a previous post, there aint that many bands that can still stand tall and proud from this era. the stingrays can and stand tall they shall. theyre hard to describe as theyre a pure jumble of different sounds. 'mad psyched out rockabilly' is about the best and closest anyone will ever get. so believe me on that one. who cares anyway. a tunes a tune and my friends, here most certainly is tunes. praise be..!!

the stingrays - single sleeves and pics

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