Wednesday, 2 February 2011

the trashmen - surfin bird 7 inch minneapolis 1964

now this is one you really all should know. from 'that film' or 'that film' or 'family guy' or even cause youve digged the trashmen for years. in other words there is absolutely no excuse for not knowing, and may i add loving, this. did you know how it came about though? the was a band once called 'the rivingtons' and they released two different singles. one was called 'the bird is the word' and the other was called 'papa-oo-mow-mow'. yes, i own 'that' compilation as well. fly trashmen whipped both them tunes and stuck them together and made this wee beauty. top men as well for doing so. the b-side of this is as well a total classic, 'king of the surf'. much more sweet than the a-side, but whos talking?! great wee surf track. this really is an all time classic.  the sleeves ive scanned in here are from the grubby old swedish press i have. word.!

trashmen - single sleeves and pics

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