Monday, 29 November 2010

Go! - and the time is now 7 inch new york 1989

think this was go!'s first 7 inch. not really like the other n.y.h.c bands on politics and macho badness. the music though could blow an elephants leg through the eye of a lepricon. what a start to a record. get yir best trainers on and get in there. leaps and bounds. one of them 'abc-no rio' bands. along with 'citizens arrest' and 's.f.a', they were makin some mighty fine records. teeth.!
ive included an interview from maximum rocknroll from around 1990. ''eat shit dreadlock mutharfucker..!!!''

go! - single plus sleeves and pics


Friday, 26 November 2010

g.g allin and the jabbers - bored to death 7 inch new hampshire 1979

the wee g.g when, it would appear, he wasnt incontinent. 'bored to death' is an anthem that for some reason he isnt known for. classic early american punk. fast thrashy soundin guitar with lightning drums and an obnoxious chorus. pogo till your heart is content. just watch you dont break nothing.

gg allin - single, sleeves, pics and flyers

Thursday, 25 November 2010

the skids - wide open 7 inch dunfermline 1978

another scottish punk classic here. remember richard jobson or big country? well, fuck them. heres the skids from dunfermline. 'the saints are coming' and 'of one skin'. two wee troupers for gettin your buzz on. cheers beers.

the skids - e.p, sleeves and pics