Thursday, 25 November 2010

turbonegro - bad mongo 7 inch norway 1996

if posting ones favourite records, where would one be without the camp as a row of naval admirals 'turbonegro'. this single takes us back to when they were good and only a few people had heard of them, yet. this was of course to change with their later releases. when everyone and his cat was claiming them to be their favourite band and had knew about them....'for years'. madly enough a couple of weeks ago i was working at a show with the band airbourne. think it was one of the support bands hang-ons had a 'turbojugend glasgow' jacket on. if this wasnt embarrassing enough, he was in fact english but went onto explain how the glasgow contingent is the second biggest outside norway. he in fact got his jacket from 'the biffy clyro guys' who he was great friends with. the way he said 'biffy clyro' was like i should have shook his hand and congratulated him and it pissed him off a bit that it ment nothing to me and i showed it. to further his annoyance with me i took a picture of his jacket (which ive included here). now, that did piss him off. lovely..!!.........anyways...'bad mongo', what an anthem and is it true it was written about me?
ill bum the lot of you.
just added their interview from maximum rocknroll  #152 january 1996. be merry.

turbonegro - single, sleeves, flyers, pics etc

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