Monday, 31 January 2011

gene vincent - high blood pressure 7 inch usa 1963

this song is in fact the b-side of this here 7 inch. although the a-side, 'crazy beat', gets an ok from the scottish judge, it is in fact the b-side that rings bells and gets you hopping all the way home from high school. 'high blood pressure' is a pure gem. totally dirty rock'n'roll at its best again. slow, repetative and addictive as crack. wee genie boy. mr cool in the world of stars. the man was a genius. so be gettin yourselfs downloading this not so well known vincent classic. was lookin through all the info on the dude and was sad to find out he died from alcohol related occurances. a septic ulser to be precise. another one bit the dust, eh. youll all be kinda knowing now that i love these slow rock'n'roll anthems. the kinda one arm in the air as you sing songs. youll all be knowin right. totally love them. like poison and women and really long boring historical documentaries. me me me...!!!

gene vincent - single sleeve video and pics

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