Saturday, 29 January 2011

the misfits - horror business 7 inch new jersey 1979

second misfits record here and a beauty it be. they really were on top of their game back in the day with releases like this. for the love of god, forget the 'new misfits'. as soon as danzig left so did the misfits. three absolute belters on here. one as good as the others etc. havent really got a fave as theyre all great. theres not much else to be said about them really that hasnt already been spouted about a million times, and if you dont already dig them then you truely are a dick of the highest calibre. ''youve been pissin blood, been pissin blood for seven days..!!'' think ill change my name to chicago too. no resistance..!!
ive included again for my own personal pleasure a picture of my misfits 7 inch collection. as well as that, check out the ramones to misfits pie chart i found on the here web. classic.

misfits - single sleeves and pics

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