Sunday, 26 June 2011

link wray - ace of spades 7 inch usa 1965

gonna keep posting tonight. as much as i can, but i aint writing shit. for now anyways. maybe as the night goes on. the urge to stick some stuff up here is unavoidable, but the urge to write anything is not there. in the future, no probs, but the night though. nej, non, nein, naw....!!!!
god. just realised this is actually almost a double post. for some reason i thought i was posting the ' jack the ripper ' 7 inch, but went along with this one instead. all you keen eyed viewers will have noticed that my last link wray post was ' ace of spades ' as well. thankfully it was released twice with two diffrent b-sides. this being the 1965 press with 'the fuzz' on the flip and not 'hidden charms' from 1966, like my first post. maybe its only me that notices these things. thank!?!

link wray - single sleeves and pics








Saturday, 25 June 2011

the wailing wailers - mr talkative 7 inch jamaica 1965

another early bob 7 inch. not really in the mood for writing but im in the mood for posting. sometimes its like that, dont know why, just is. wear it..!!

wailing wailers - single sleeves and pics