Saturday, 18 June 2011

wayne walker - all i can do is cry 7 inch oklahoma 1956

all these new rockabilly and rock n roll comps that have came out in the last 15 years have gave us heaps of new old stuff to be drooling over. this is just one of the many drunken anthems and footstompers that stand out. wayne walker aint the biggest name in the genre, but this should change that. brilliant slowish tempo anthem about a boy leaving his wummin (again) in kansas city and ''i didnt want to see her again''.
he defends his actions by complaining that she was a ''trifler'' and that ''she played around''. in the end though, he admits that ''I was just a lyin' man, trying to hide the tracks he'd found''. whatever that means. so off he pops back to kansas city by train and '' good lord i hope shes still around''. well, good luck to the man and i hope he cleared this miss-doing out with his fine lady. this is one of the two sided jobs from back in time. not really sure what side is ment to be the a-side, webpages have different answers. anyways the other song, ''its my way'', is awful and i took the rash judgement of guessing that yous dont wanna hear it. so yous get a one song and pics download. hes a bit of a beef cake is wayne. good, too many skinny buljong sniffing short arses anyway. power to the cake eaters..!!

wayne walker - single sleeves and pics










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