Friday, 10 June 2011

charlie feathers - cant hardly stand it 7 inch mississippi 1956

charlie brown. chick young. charlie nicholas. bawbags the 3 of them. we want the wee chick wae feathers. wee as a wee thing and as charming as a see through dress. as i posted another cramps single earlier this morning. i thought id keep in line and post something somehow connected. this being the original version of the cramps classic.. proper cover tune the cramps did. ive stuck a video down below so you can see whit ah mean. another slow and haunting 50s tune here from your teacher, its been a while. so yoozll be needing your dancing fix i take it. anyways.....its a catchy as home-made liquor and black underwear tune and kinda gets you to thinking about why all these crooner like people are so sad all the time. whats the matter chaps??? cannae keep tabs on your woman or something.? shes off doon the workmans club again is she.? youve been telt. so away n get her telt as well before that bad syphillis makes its rounds again. hillbillys eh? nascar watching arseholes..!!

charlie feathers - single sleeves and pics






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