Friday, 10 June 2011

johnny powers - long blond hair 7 inch usa 1957

right.! another rockin bopper n this time from the skilled stable of a mister johnny powers. funny int it. imagine there was a superhero called ' Johnny-Bag Man ', by the way a johnny bag is a condom. well, now imagine sir johnny-bag man was trying to summoned all his virile powers. i believe that said man would shout '' JOHNNY POWERS...!!! ''. a bit like the he-man cartoons of yore. apart from that nonsense. you cannae really go wrong wae this title track. classic tune of its era. any true listener will have heard this till the point that theyre physically sick if they hear it again. always on comps, played at hops etc etc for an eternity. although this is annoying, it just goes to proove what a classic it is, was and always will be. the aggressive and sexual qualities to it made for a great cover song and you can bet your wide hole that this was a steady number on the early meteors sets. to be honest though, if your ever going to a pub and a real pub. greasy floor, old men, barely any women, very poor drink selection. and there happens to be a rockabilly band playing. as sure as shite, theyll be doing a cover of this song. the other three songs on this aint bad either. just aint as good as 'long blond hair', how could they? you gotta stick other songs on the vinyl though. you can hear a wee bit of johnny burnette on 'waitin for you' as well. not sure if this is johnny sounding like johnny or vice versa or maybe they all sounded like that on the filler tracks back in the days of popular racism and pointie titted bras. off......'' JOHNNY POWERS...!!! '' easy.!

johnny powers - single sleeves and pics






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