Sunday, 12 June 2011

the bastards - s.t 7 inch geneva switzerland 1979

although its a rather odd name for a band, or rather good to be honest. there has been loads of bands called the bastards, bastard or blah blah blöah and the bastards. even that prize clowen lars fredrikscunt from ranclit has a band of this name now. or is he in a band called 'the football hooligans' or something equally as ridiculous as that. getting of the track a bit, but ill continue. once, years ago 1990 or 91 or 92. we all went to a town in scotland called gourock, to see the uk subs play. glasgow band ex-cathedra were supporting them. and low and behold there was a chubby cunt wae long black (shoulder length) hair. if i remember correctly, no tattoos as well. he had a jacket on, so im sure im as wrong as a dong on a hair piece. my sister and i started to ridicule him a little, cause he was in the uk subs i believe the reason. im sure he didnt take it very well as i remember my sisters mad high pitched voice telling him to '' shut up, no way, ya dick.'' or maybe he was pulling a rudi petrudie on her. who knows. years later, i rememberd this and it turned out to be lars fredrikson. funny thing is wae this dan. im sure he was a clean cut well looked after punk kinda guy. washed hair. tight jeans. big white converse basketball shoes. cross between megadeth and sloppy seconds look to him. now hes got all these tattoos on his face and a few of them are made to look like hes had them for years. even one that looks like a ''skins'' or ''punks'' ink job on his forehead all inked out. looking like someone that got it when they were 13 and got it done over when they was 35, with the same needle their boyfriend used the first time. my god strike me down, but im as sure as shite he didnt have any of that when i bumped into him. who cares??? not me. its just fucking silly. and thank you lars, for making punk a laughing stock. fancy dress, halloween mother fucker. dont get me started on that 'the football hooligans'. the man needs his head slapped. anyways.........back to the now....and its 1979 switzerland were at. genevas very own 'the bastards'. they aint up to much to be honest. i mean theyre ok. a bit light weight and thrown together with not much thought. this usually means a good time, but as i say theyre ok and theyve even got a full length lp out now. recorded in 1979, of course. none of that new nonsense. the thing about this record is the song 'impossibilities'. fucking magic it is. catchy as a catchy thing. the female vocals on this one make it i think. theres a wee groove change during the chorus leading into the next verse with her voice going up and up. magic stuff. if the boy was doing it it would have sounded shite, but it doesnt and there you have it. im not big on the swiss 70s punk scene. this and 'jack and the rippers' are the only two bands ive listened to quite a bit, and theyre the same, ok. i hear 't.n.t' and 'nasal' are to be listened to as well. ok?!? chocolate, cuckoo clocks, heidi and the bastards. now that would be one strangely cool picnic. pieces n chocolate ya bass. indigo young team..!!

the bastards - single sleeves and pics
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