Monday, 13 June 2011

uk subs - stranglehold 7 inch england 1978

right well. im gonna try and not write as much this time as i kinda went on a bit on the last posts. so, today weve had crass and now to the other end of the uk punk spectrum. here we have the uk subs second 7 inch adventure. all the subs early stuff is tip top and bristol fashion, but i think this is their stand out 7 inch. 'teenage' is a belter as well, and im sure ill post that at some later date. 'c.i.d' is class too, before im corrected..... funny wee story about this song......they of course, as you all know, did this on the famous british t.v show 'top of the pops'. another thing you should know is the lyrics to the first verse. no? well here they are.
'' Yeah some little girl's gotta hold on me.
She's only thirteen but oh so sweet.
Got me down on my knees.
Got a stranglehold on me. ''
so....what to do.? the old cunts (so im told) at the b.b.c made them re-record the first bit so they could change the lyrics from 13 to 18. you can clearly hear the change on the video from that night that ive stuck below. just below that is the video to the original recording, just so yous can hear the difference. whats he doing singing about 13 year olds anyway, he was 34 at the time. someone once said it was about his daughter. hope so. anyways.......the tune is a right down the front jumpin about like a madman punk classic. the subs got a bit of a tanking of the more literate people on the punk scene and they did attract a fair bit of a violence at gigs. skins etc. they werent really that political, hence the bauldies. one thing you cant take away from them is the fact that they were a great, well put together band. that could play and write a tune. they didnt follow trends on the music scene and stuck by their guns. great tempo punk rock n roll band. they way we like it. now, i wonder how many heart attacks charlie has had this year. another funny thing i just noticed, is , on that really shite t.v program two and a half men. martin sheens charachter is called charlie harper. madness. there, i went on a bit anyway. problem?

uk subs - single, sleeves and pics














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