Saturday, 11 June 2011

mono men - waste 'o time 7 inch washington state 1996

never much dug the mono men. their songs seemed to be good but the stuff i heard, the production was always too clean. theyve millions of records out, so im sure i can be proven wrong and this is a fine example of me proving myself wrong. this was released through 'next big thing' fanzine from scotland, link . wee lindsay boy. it actually came free with issue 26 of that said fine magazine to be exact. the connoisseurs of this genre of music always held the mono men at high grounds and stood by them. as i said, i didnt really see the point, thought it was boring and aimed at sad cunts in trilby hats, buddy holly glasses, hawaiian shirts and fat faces. this here is a stonker though. 'waste o' time' really is a fucking great wee tune. as dirty sounding as your dads phone calls at night and the pace of your mother on her way to this scissor drawer. raw bluesy rock and or roll. they seemed to be really into a wee bit of jazz on their record sleeves as well. which ive actually showen quite well in them photies above and for your downloading daftness. im running out of nice words to be honest and can feel a sudden sharp need to be negative. just a normal urge and nothing really to do with this record. so id better go and spare you all the unnecessary unpoliteness. in fact ill go to the corner shop and pay for the same snus packet 3 times again. that should get the ball rolling. 1.2.3 K.G.B..!!

mono men - single sleeves and pics







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