Wednesday, 1 June 2011

poison idea - feel the darkness lp oregon 1990

so ya wanna get dark do ye??? well, these are the boys tae sort ye right oot. the lords of debauchery themseleves. negātīvus but loveable. poison idea. unlike most other punk bands they actually seemed like they could play and listened to other kinds of music that werent a mullion miles an oor. so they knew how to play n that. so this only led to them gettin better as they went on. the pish direction was found in the end, but after a million trys your always gonna be pish. regardless. from their beginning in the 1980 n that to this release. they developed like a shite surviving on a shiney shovel. i mean the 'darby crash' ep and 'pick your king' have more a moment than most other small town drivel that america was pishing out at the time. especially 'pick your king', which to be honest is a 100 mile an hour classic. this though is better. better sound especially. 'plastic bomb' 'just to get away' are two crackers on this but the whole a-side is them at their best ever. b-side gets a bit dull, but all you needs a great a-side as thats all anyone listens to anyway. remember at the time when this came out, id read loads about them and older cunts kept saying to listen to them, so i bought the derby crash thing and to be honest let down a lot would be the right expression. then a week or so later this came out and i got it and i fucking loved it. the a-side especially. they collected records and thought normal record collectors were pretentious arseholes, they hated life but loved to have fun, they were as dark as the sole of your shoes, they played like fuck when they played live and they seemed to live life at a billion miles an hour burning bridges, smashing crosses and rattling a few bottles on the way as it was done. rumours of dark drugs, dark oral obsessions and dark knife play on forearms can only lead to one thing, and it eventually, of course, did. they still tour, but does anyone still really care. in the photies above ive included loads of scanned interviews from old fanzines like mrr, flipside, forced exposure etc. for your enjoyment of course. kram.
R.I.P pig champion

poison idea - lp, sleeves and pics














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