Friday, 27 May 2011

DOA - positively doa 7 inch canada 1981

the first post here from the land of the canuks i think. getting so many now that i cant remember. who ever thought that one could have so many favourite records, well i do. and youll be happy to hear that theres still hundreds to go. anyways.....doa. to me they are what punk should stand for. ok, they got a bit silly at some points but you cant complain about their work schedule or their political agenda. unlike their american chums. doa played a lot of benefit gigs for political causes and have always been totally anti-fascist. punk and politics should go hand in hand. its kinda the whole point of it in the first place. it should never be rammed down anyones throat to the point that its unbearable, some british bands spring to mind at this moment, but it should be there. fuck joke bands, theres always the odd one though that were ok, but in general fuck 'em. say what you mean and stand by it and fly your flag......the tunes are straight to the point punk rock. loads of energy and good lyrics sung by an excellent punk rock voice. they even have an anti-reagan song in there and lord how we miss them tunes. whatever happend to punk like this?? is it too dated? or is it that people just dont care anymore. the world is more fucked up now than its ever been. we are quite close to the end i think. the two greatest powers at this moment dont have fair elections anymore, did they ever. governments really dont give a flying fuck anymore about the people who vote them in (did they ever?). the sea is in such a state that some seas fishing is at the point of being banned. theres a gigantic hole in the ozone layer that we still deny even exists. still, the americans and russians refuse to stop their dumpings in the sea and their polution of the air. just have a wee look at the baltic and see how its doing. the world super power, still, invades any land it god-damn well like pleases even if u.n tells them not to and we all sit back and let them, nae even help them. communism has gone but dont worry we now have muslims to hate and the world and his dog falls for this bullshit. al qaida, does it really exist??? what the fuck happend? why is their no mass rebellion? thats ok, we got mtv punk and my chemical romance to sort everything out. the world will be right in no time at all. get a fucking grip people. DOA were great..!! save us....

DOA - single, sleeves and pics









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