Tuesday, 24 May 2011

sudden fun - s.t 7 inch california 1979

continuing with the mad as rare as fuckity fuck punk singles. here we have sudden fun. if you aint heard of them. it aint no shame. neither had i till i heard it.....at killedbydeath.com. itll grab you about 500 screamers this one. so dont bother your arse and pay the rent instead. here it is for free wae pictures and the lot. great cali power punk pop the way only them beach kids could do it. the title track is by far the winner of the four. its enough to keep the shakes away till yir social cheque gets in. ''the miners united. will never be defeated.''........and other such tosh..!! pish-flaps.!

sudden fun - sleeves and pics

here here above is a link to the killed by death site. where i of course stole this from. im gonna leave up the pics for you guys to download. in all fairness though, follow the link above for the tunes.


  1. Please just post a link to our post instead of letting people download it here. Fair enough ehh? Who knows? It might generate a couple of more visitors to our blog.

  2. i knew it was a bit sneaky as i didnt even have my own covers to use. just thought 'tae hell' and went ahead anyway. hope your happy with the fix.
    lord smenger