Wednesday, 25 May 2011

johnny carroll and his hot rocks - crazy crazy lovin 7 inch texas 1956

must be one of the all time best rockabilly classics here. 'crazy crazy lovin' by johnny carroll. he seemed just that wee bit more wilder than his chums. you should hear his rendition of, what was made famous by elvis, 'tryin to get to you'. i believe the johnny man was the first star to do this song. if you know better than let me know. ive included the video of the song in question just below here. as well as a coupla others. the download includes the video for 'crazy crazy lovin'., so dont say im bad to yeez. the meteors done a version of crazy crazy lovin, pretty sure it ended up on the b-side of one of their later on releases. however its included in all the early live material. such as the bootleg tapes you used to be able to get doon the barras (barrowlands, concert venue and flea market in glasgow). wish i kept them, so i do. had all sorts of crackers. its on a couple of their official live records as well. ive included a version they did of this but not the cover version doon below as well. anyways. get it downloaded and get it up yeez. easy..!!

johnny carroll - single, sleeves, pics and video





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