Monday, 9 May 2011

necros - sex drive 7 inch michigan 1981

as im posting extremely rare punk records today, well one anyway. then why not the cream of the crop. the 100 pressed first release for touch and go records. necros 'sex drive' 7 inch. this wee suger can go for almost as much as 4000 dollars. makes you think why someone would only print 100 copies of a record. maybe they thought their future was their mates and their mates mates. anyways, its done. thats all they pressed and now you could swap it for a semi descent car. punk as a fucking fuck. snotty, catchy, they cant play, theyre wee boys etc. full of energy short songs for a quick attention span. thats me right down to a tee. michigan sure seemed to fart out some great bands back in time. what the fuck happend??? listen and love. '' police brutality the cops are after me..!! ''. you too.?

necros - single sleeves and pics








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