Monday, 9 May 2011

heart attack - god is dead 7 inch new york 1981

just when you thought i was only gonna post mincing photos from now on. well, fuck that..!! heres the rare as a sparrows genitalia, first heart attack 7 inch. yous all well might know this from the 'new york thrash' lp or more famous tape from 'roir'. well if you havent, too bad, go back to the boomtown rats and r.e.m where you belong nobwipe. early new york hardcore or even just fucking excellent new york punk. whatever you choose. the man in this band is 'jesse malin', who might be known to you from other abortion like attempts at music, i.e 'd-generation' or even his willow the wisp like ''solo carear''. well, forget these monstrosities ever happend and tune in here. the title track 'god is dead' and the fucking wonderful 'shotgun' are crackers. theres another song youll find, but its a mere ok in comparisson. this was kinda about it from heart attack. so dont bother your arse paying 8 or 900 hundred dollars for this baby. just download it here and pretend youve had it all the time. the covers at the beginning ive provided are in fact from a re-release slash bootleg i purchased on e-bay. this might be still around. kinda doubt it though. so there..!!

heart attack - single sleeves and pics



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