Monday, 9 May 2011

the victims - television addict 7 inch perth australia 1977

its been some time now. so lets make another journey down to the depths of depression and stupidity, going straight past the corner of love and perth australia. so.... ive been posting some rare as badgers boabies punk records today and dont let me be stopped. heres another. for the life of me i cant remember how many of this bouncer were originally pressed. 2 or 300 hundred im sure. i should know this and its annoying me that i dont or cant even find this information from the gulit of the internet. what i do know is, is youll be paying over 500 bucks easy for this doosie and you wont be one nickle dissapointed. myself, i of course plunged for the bootleg-repress but that on its own is worth around 50 green americans. think i paid 48 bitches for this, so whos stupid now???? this is one of the gems of the aussie scene. 'the one that started everything' kinda thing, but id guess 'the saints' and 'radio birdman' will argue their case as both these bands had released records in 1976. anyways...were talking about perth here, way oot in the middle of nowhere, the most isolated city in the world etc etc fucking rips, thats all i can say. from the riff of the first song to the end of the b-side pogotastic champion, this single kicks yir dad all over the floor and slits his throat as he tries to get up again. the aussies and their knowledge of good rock and or roll, where did it come from. most importantly now though, is where the fuck did it go..?? you should all know by now my pure love of oz-lands genius rocknroll sounds. this is magnificent. classic. if you dont dig. ill start digging a hole. as cool as a pair of tits. love!!!

the victims - single sleeves and pics






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