Tuesday, 3 May 2011

photos street art, stickers, stencils and things stockholm april may 2011

another wee batch for yir visual peepers. this time around. things that catch my eye on the now far toooo clean streets of central stockholm. stickers are still about to see, but only a fraction of what it used to be and some here are pretty fucking old by the looks of it. stencils, art, graffiti etc are very rare now. in central areas anyway. the government when they got in decided theyd do their best to ''rensa stockholm'' or in a language anyone else can understand, ''clean stockholm''. it certainly seems to be working. the lamposts all around central areas, where they used to be full of colour are now covered in cleaning product marks. old bits of tape and the marks where things have been. to be honest, it looks a shite sure sight more grubby and ugly. fuck sake, theyll be telling us how to think and what to drink next.....oh thats right. its sweden. they already do..!!!









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