Wednesday, 25 May 2011

the dwarves - drug store 7 inch ca 1990

todays other post was teengenerate. so if we wanna stay in the same kinda genre, and sure we do. then here yeez have the dwarves. genuinely as daft as brushes and at the speed of a thousand gazelles. the two songs from the a-side 'drug store' and 'detention girl' are of course on the as wonderful as a wighat 'blood, guts and pussy' lp. what a name for a record. the cover of this wee cracker is in fact from the same photo shoot as the album ive just mentioned. dont know if this is true or not, but i either heard or read somewhere that when they were having ideas about what to do with the covers. they said to 'sub pop' that they need a big lump eh cash to go and get a photo shoot sorted and get models etc. so they got something like 40,000 dollars. im guessing here, but it was something mad like that. and off they went to a pet shop and bought a rabbit. then they went and got some prostitutes and gave them a coupla hundred each. got a dwarf from somewhere and a mate to take some snaps. the rest of the money they blew on dames, drugs, dinner and drinks. superb. hope to god its true. anyways...this is blistering stuff. think the speed of d.r.i. and the tuneage of masked rock n roll. lyrics about fucking, drugs, chemists, fucking and drugs. some nudity as well. stick it all in the washing machine and out pops a good time. id recommend the lp, 'blood guts and pussy' as well. fucking brilliant it is. 14 songs done in about 14 minutes. they way it should be. kick the fucking door in. smash the fuck out of everything. play a wee tune. kick a hole through the wall and then fuck off wae a big grin on your face. thats the dwarves. mon the wee people..!!

dwarves - single, sleeves, pics and videos




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