Tuesday, 24 May 2011

teengenerate - sex cow 7 inch japan 1994

the as mad as a hat wae tassles, teengenerate from nippon land. if you like your rock n roll lo-fi, raw as yis maw and lightning quick. then these babies are your babies too. they remind me a bit of 'the devil dogs' and they were playing wae them and stuff. the influence is definetly there. they even do at least one devil dogs cover on one of their many 7 inchers. 'the new bomb turks' also spring to mind, but i guess that would be a bit obvious. some of the japanese bands from this time were great. they just played the tunes the way they wanted to without a care in the world. they say hats off to their many influences (the b-side of this being a 'larry williams' cover. pic of him above), plugged in and left nearly everyone else standing. tight but sloppy sounding tunes recorded wae down the level. i like my trash all fucked up and this service is tickling. great cover to this wee belter as well. an early 'coop' drawing. the label this is on, 'estrus', released a whole mountain range of records. some of them are even astounding. 'the mummies' et al.......right up ma street and round ma corner. know whit ah mean??? good..!!

teengenerate - single, sleeves and pics




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