Tuesday, 24 May 2011

the moondogs - whos gonna tell mary 7 inch derry 1980

right well. were back to the land of bombs and bastards. northern ireland and its ripping pop rock n roll scene. here we have the wonderful moondogs. as poppy as a stick of rock and blah blah blah. theres gotta be something about being brought up in a warzone that makes you wanna play the sweetest pop punk there is. rudi had the same idea as well and by golly gee were these street war refugees making it as sweet as cock with a pinch of tit. the a-side of this is one of my all time favourite tunes. it sounds like its for sissies but cool kids dont think straight anyways. great art on the sleeve as well. back in time i was listening to manic thrash and the likes and came across this and i loved it and still love it to this day. as ive said before, if there was any gig or gigs id like to go back in time and see. it would be a big fuck off to elvis in 54 or 65 and the heartbreakers.the ramones at the roundhouse in 76, maybe not the meteors at the greyhound in 1980 though. one of the big ones for me would be say the undertones supported by rudi and the moondogs at belfast town hall (or wherever bands played) in 1978. and you wanna know why???....''cause am in love with her sister''...thats why. pricks..!!

the moondogs - single, sleeves, video and pics







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