Wednesday, 18 May 2011

yvette vickers R.I.P

as you may or not know who yvette vikers was. she died. the death was announced on the 3rd of may, or there abouts. it doesnt matter if you dont recognise the name because youll definitely recognise the movie poster. the film was ' attack of the 50 foot woman '. she doesnt play the 50 foot bikini weƔring annoyance herself . even better, she gets done in by her and her names in big txt on the poster. the tall swim wear wearer was in fact played by allison hayes. thats another story though. yvette like many of her peers started off in the jazz mags, i.e ' playboy ' in 1959. then done a coupla ''big'' movies. even nudging up next to paul newman in 'hud'. where supposedly she done a great job but her part got all cut tae buggery because of a certain jealous shag stamp of mr. newman. then she gets bumped into doing a movie that jimmy cagney made and her carear was destroyed as it done about as well as a swan diving in a brickyard. it was called 'short cut to hell'. the ''b-movies'' was next and then tv. then, much like her peers. she went all paranoid and locked herself away. then, from jazz mags, to actual jazz itself. recording two lps. she was found on her own. missed by no-one. ''mummified'' is the word used to describe her body. no idea why. the doctors are saying the body could have been there a year. from the one time shagger on the side of mr cary grant and timothy huttons dad jim to being another one humped by life. it sucks even for the pretty ones.

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  1. at least she didn't go out like marie prevost

  2. they seem quite similar actually. only that yvettes body lay undiscovered longer. thankfully marie had a dog to let people know of the death. check it out here.