Sunday, 15 May 2011

photos amon amarth tyrol stockholm 14th may 2011

another feast of metal pictures. theyre silly, but great to laugh at, kinda thing. my god, do these people worship the bands. its like watching a religious experience of the pre-pubescent / too bauld to care kind. they que up all day, mostly without a drink as well id like to point out. run in when the doors are open to get the perfect front row view. sing every word and then faint. its like a cross between going to see rickie martin and god and its a very male experience too. rickie would fit right in then. anyways....the bands werent really that bad and they got the crowd going a treat. yeah, its silly, its facial hair, its tight black clothes but by god do they have fun. the turmoil in the last pictures is when they threw into the crowd plectrums and then a signed drumskin. funnily enough it got torn apart like a 14 year olds foreskin in a shampoo bottle. well i never..!!





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