Monday, 10 January 2011

the mummies - that girl 7 inch california 1990

heres my first mummies post on here and there is no better way to start. probably their best release in my opinion, though they have released many a mighty fine single and lp. the mummies were a brilliant band, they sounded totally wild and had what seems a really obnoxious attitude too. great. in the interview ive added here from mrr in 1990, they get asked 'who do you think is gonna win the world cup?'. their answer being 'suck my fucking cup.'...they included members of 'the rip offs' and 'mr.t experience' and they thought theyd get away with that by hiding themselves behind bandages and doing a whole host of cover songs. i wish more bands had this kinda attitude and style and sounded this good. do wish i got to see them live as well, as i heard it was a fine place to be at the time. greatness at its greatest. suck your own cup bandage boy. oh yeah..!!


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