Saturday, 29 January 2011

eater - thinking of the u.s.a 7 inch london 1977

ater were of course one of the original '77 punk bands from the uk and this was their second release. they were one of the youngest punk bands around at the time, youngest being 13 (drummer - dee) and the oldest 17. which kinda gave them the opinion that they at the time were 'the' punk band. as everyone else according to them was old enough to be their dads. theyre another band who have a connection with 'the damned'. they got their 13 year old drummer from a recommendation from 'rat scabies' the damneds drummer. they also supported the damned a few times at the original punk clubs, 'the vortex' '100 club' etc etc and this led to the damned playing at their high school ball. now that would have been one great gig to have been at. imagine. they ended up imploding on themselves and only lasted to 1978. in that time though, they released 4 or 5 singles and an lp. which even in todays standards is quite a lot but nothing in comparisson to then. 'the jam' after all released three lps and about 5 singles in 1977 alone. just shows how much energy and enthusiasm there was in the original punk bands. just bursting with ideas and wanting to be heard. they seemed to be up for a bit of fun as well, eater, partying with 'the clash' et al and shagging the wummin twice their ages at music industry after parties. then off to school the next day. which eventually a couple of them got expelled from. them wur the days, eh. children on heat. great..!!

eater - single sleeves and pics



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