Wednesday, 26 January 2011

the queers - surf goddess 7 inch new hampshire 1995

another queers 7 inch for ya's. cant sleep, so i thought id get up and do a posting on here instead of staring at the roof thinking. the title song of this 'surf goddess', i cant for the life of me remember who it was that did it first. 'screeching weasel' or 'the queers'. it says on the label that 'king' wrote it, which means its the queers, but im sure 'screeching weasel' released it before them. maybe they borrowed it. pretty much like 'the ramones' borrowing 'chinese rocks', which as we all know was a 'heartbreakers' tune. anyways......this is a blinder of an e.p and even has an 'undertones' cover on it, and a great cover version it is too. which reminds me, id better start gettin some 'undertones' tunes up here before people start thinking that im queer..ouch..!!

the queers - single sleeves and pics

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