Wednesday, 12 January 2011

spermbirds - something to prove lp germany 1985

and you thought the germans were only good at building vibrating masks and latex roads. well, they were and are shite at punk. apart from this and one or two others, their history is very very bleak in that sense. this though is an attribute to the party of life. peach of an lp. funny thing is, they were really popular in glasgow when i was a lad. everyone had a tape of this lp. with reagan youth on the other side. probably taped by the same person and then spread about like bad aids. every house drink session you went to you heard this lp.....and reagan youth. that my wee chinas, is why we fucking love them. head the ball punk rock played at lightning speed and a wee tune thrown in for pleasure. ye cannae beat it. even though they are germans. topper..!!

spermbirds - lp sleeves and pics


  1. Smiffy they pricks copied ma gear

  2. they copied yir gear???? the fucking pricks..!!

  3. german punk/hc rules and is much underrated!!!

  4. i find the germans road building skills to be much underrated as well.