Sunday, 16 January 2011

sham 69 - borstal breakout 7 inch london 1978

i know sham were a joke band, and i mean joke as in a fucking joke, not that they were funny. uncle jimmy pursey was a clown of the first order, complete misled and misleading lunatic that seemed to be from another plant somewhere. have you ever seen him on the 'jim'll fix it' show or any of his between fight speeches at concerts? the man was a complete arse. never mind the lyrics to the songs, 'hurry up harry' anyone? this seven here though is a classic, pure brutal punk rock with a kinda hardcore feel to it as well. aggressive as fuck and a pogo down the front anthem. the b-side is ok as well, it gets a bit silly lyric wise, but its an ok song. good sentiments i suppose. ''....and when im gettin out, im comin straight for you.!''.....oh yeah.!

sham 69 - single sleeves and pics

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