Saturday, 5 January 2013

the flower children - mini-skirt blues 7 inch usa 1967

as im at it...boom boom.....i might as well post another wee treat. obscure and wild as fuck 60s tune. made famous by the almighty wonderful 'Vibes'. crackingness that cant be cracked. a real 60s stomper. a fantastic wee tune for the dancin. up the dancin. 60s style. thats about it. cannae find shite sbout them. no pictures. no into this cause of the vibes cover on their first 7 inch. didnae even know it was a tune fae the past till years later. then i heard this and ma arse has been spanked rid raw ever since. the b-side is shite awful by the way.  peep gas is in a peep....ding dong....fuck yir avon...!!!! god bless..!!

01 - the flower children - mini-skirt blues

02 - the flower children - marching lovers

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