Wednesday, 16 January 2013

no frontiers compilation 7 inch the world 1989

heres something from the heart. remember getting this from skinny doggy distro back in the days of teen. it came in a package with 7 seconds the crew lp and the flex your head comp. what a joy that be honest. this isnt the best comp there ever was and most of the bands werent the best there ever was either, but it holds a great memory to me anyways. besides...... the chaotic subversion song is excellent, the neighbourhood watch one is no bad, bad attitude and advance warning are awright, t.w.e.r.p is advancing on awright and debauchery are shite. the only sad thing is i dont have it anymore and cant find it anywhere. so, if anybodys got one and doesnt want it. im yir man....!!!! loony tunes records. dearie dear...the amount of total shite that label produced was a joke. the principal was there, but the bands and that awful fucking sound they had. this really is up there with the cream of what they released. the best id say. the trest id avoid with three barge poles and a mad wummin ringin a bell.......! two bells even.!
couldnt find any of the songs on youtube, so ive added others.

no frontiers - single, sleeves and pics

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