Wednesday, 27 June 2012

radio birdman - what gives? 7 inch australia 1978

lets have another wee jaunt down the rolf harris of manhood. to the land of the ultra-male. where else, but australia of course.....this turns long donged, bong smokin daughter chasers is the mighty of all things that can possibily mighty, radio 'mother-fuckin' birdman..!! back in the days, most australian rock and or roll bands could blow a hole right through a dart board from about 300 yards away. they were that spot on with their interpretation of the ''tunes'' that they left their banner high above the mark and any follower-on would be hard pushed to top the delights of their heroes. the oz-mong had it down so tight. soooo fucking tight in fact. this here 7 inch is just a slice of what was going on....and this is quite late on in their progression to take rock and roll from us and give it a new hat. radio birdman were one of the pioneers of the oz pop polka. going on from as early as 1974 in fact. heavily stooges, dictators, ramones et al influenced....and who could blame them. 'what gives?' you all should know, is the first song on their piece of passion on plastic, 'radios appear' which is another all time classic you all should know off by heart. tip top and bristol fashion. thats all i have left to say.......roll me over in the clover..!!

radio birdman - single, sleeves and pics

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