Saturday, 23 June 2012

ultimo resorte - s.t 7 inch barcelona 1983

third post in a row from the year before we all thought ''everything'' would end.......1983. in fact it of course didnt (god-damn that soothsaying cunt nostredamus) and we got a wheen of magically magnificant punk rock records from all the corners of the globe instead. a fare swap id yeez have the tits oot genius of spains ultimo resorte. more high as a kite paced chargers that will get you bouncin about your living room with a vain attempt at a sing-a-long. the first song on here 'cementerio caliente' is a pure belter that kinda makes you think why and how punk from other countries was so much better than the shite your own country at the time was producing. it of course wasnt as every country at this time came up with some great bands and tunes and its just because you never got to hear this kinda stuff till about 20 years after it came out.....anyways....wummin fronted paella punk thats just too good to miss even if it is nearly 30 years since it came out....and what is wrong with that. hee-haw....!!! the sleeves here, by the way, are the latest re-release on munster records from the same land that gave us general franco, relaxed uptightness, gangster hidey holes and this bunch of the way..!!

ultimo resorte - single, sleeves and pics

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  1. Hi Im Silvia Resorte
    I give You thanks for remember us so....
    UP Pussy Riot
    UP punk
    UP Postposno
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